Dinosaur Rock

These dinosaurs love rock music.  We go on an adventure and get to know 5 different dinosaur characters. Herbivores & carnivores.



Exploring the uses of water & the water cycle, including the water wheel.

(Water week - March)


Fire, Fire

Fire Fighter Fred teaches us about the dangers & uses of fire.  Googly, Ann’s silly bird, is at it again.



A show covering land, sea & air transport.  October is transport month!


First day of School

A fun variety show about starting school for the first time.


Down by the Sea

Summer holidays are round the corner. Let’s go to the sea and see what we can see at the seaside and under the sea.  Scooby just can’t wait.  He wants to go now!


We’re Going Camping

A fun adventure.


Outer space

What’s up there and out there? The earth, sun, moon, stars, space shuttle, space travel & the planets.


Unicorn’s Unusual Day

A show about opposites.


The Eco Show

This is a conservation show about what we can do to make a difference in our world with regard to the pollution of land, water & air, endangered animals & our environment. Lots of fun!!!


4 Seasons

A variety of puppets, a talking tree, Olaf the snowman, songs,

action and some magic tricks.

(The 4 Seasons shows will start with the season that they are booked in e.g.

If a show is booked in May the 4 Seasons show will start with Autumn.)



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